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Direct Fleet Fueling

Direct fuel delivery to your fleet wherever you are, 24/7.

On-Site Tank Fueling & Leasing

Enjoy the convenience of having fuel on site when YOU need it. LEUF can help you with leasing or purchasing fuel  tanks.

Online Fuel Portal

Coming Soon

Track every gallon you receive. Reports at your fingertips.

Emergency Fueling Program

Do you have fuel coverage in case of an emergency situation? Let us build an emergency fuel plan with you.

Direct DEF Delivery

LEUF can also deliver DEF directly to your assets or totes.


Let us keep your generators full and your business running.

Drive on

LEUF is the effortless way to get gas while you work, play or sleep. Use our app to request a fuel delivery to your vehicle’s location. We’re adding scheduled locations at office parks, campuses, malls and neighborhoods to our routes everyday. Or drop your pin to find a LEUF truck near you.

Become a member to enjoy additional benefits in emergency situations. We guarantee mobile fuel delivery during a natural disaster and offer roadside assistance. Plus, members get cash back perks too!

Keep in touch

For service, simplicity, safety and savings, businesses count on LEUF. Our national network of Powered by LEUF trucks are ready to fuel your fleets. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming a LEUF business partner.

FleetPro Mobile Refueling

Trucking Companies have come to realize that Mobile Fueling withLEUF:

Can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year in labor based on the size of your fleet.

Saves time and allows you to receive a consistent price for all vehicles versus “chasing”  tickets for verification purposes. You will receive one ticket and one price per product delivered.

Increases Productivity of your labor.

Provides fuel delivery to your fleet at your facility when you need it.

Allows you the ability to focus on your drivers and trucks spending more time delivering your  products or services, rather than spending time at fuel islands or inside C-stores making  payments.

LEUF’s work is performed:

  • Safely – Safety is a top priority at LEUF
  • Work is Performed with a “NO INCIDENT” mentality for your site and to include the  highest environmental criteria; the goal is to eliminate employee injuries and  environmental instances.
  • LEUF’S delivery fleet includes transports, bobtails, and Mobile DEF trucks as well.

Call LEUF to find out how we can help you with your Mobile Fueling Today!
1.844.464.LEUF (5383)

FuelPro – Dealership Refueling

Attention Car Dealerships in South Florida! LEUFhas a program just for you.

Fuel delivered directly to the dealership into your vehicles or LEUF

  • fuel when you need it
  • where you need it

This program reduces Dealership liabilities whether you choose FuelPro fleet fueling or placing a tank at your facility.

Eliminate theft or misappropriations of funds or fuel. Know where  your fuel went with a fueling system designed to provide you with the information you want, at the time you need it.

Reduce Staffing Expense

Detailed Reporting with FuelPro fleet or tank fueling

Call LEUF to find out how we can help you with your Fuel Program Today!
1.844.464.LEUF (5383)

Mobile Tank Fueling & Leasing

Many Trucking Companies findLEUFTank Fueling to be a benefit as well:

LEUF services mini-bulk tanks up to 4,000 gallons

Provides the convenience of having fuel on site when YOU need it.

Receive fuel deliveries to your tank on a pre-determined schedule or by calling when your  tank needs a refill.

Drivers fuel their equipment at your facility – helping to eliminate fraud and allows you  control over your fuel and the vehicles consuming that fuel.

The ability to have a fueling system in place is also available, letting you know what  equipment was fueled, how many gallons were placed in the vehicle, when, and by whom and much, much more.

Construction and Generator Companies also can benefit fromLEUFtank refueling:

Tank refueling reduces the need for runs to the gas station with cans to fill up generators or  pieces of equipment.

Increases Job Productivity

Reduces Labor Costs

Provides the convenience of fuel being at the job site where you need it and when you need  it.

Do you need a Fuel Tank?

Need a Fuel Tank at your Facility & Jobsite?

LEUF can help you with leasing or purchasing fuel  tanks.

Pricing varies by tank type and size for both Leasing  & Purchasing. Call to inquire about how LEUF can  help execute your tank needs.

Call LEUF to find out how we can help you with your Tank Program Today!
1.844.464.LEUF (5383)

DEF Fleet Fueling & Min-Bulk

Do you have a Trucks that use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) ora DEF tote at your facility?

DEF Mobile Fleet Fueling 

  • LEUF can also Fleet Fuel DEF right into your trucks

LEUF DEF Mini-Bulk Fueling

  • DEF at your facility also provides convenience and better pricing than at  the truck stop
    • Saving you time and money from your drivers waiting in line for  DEF after waiting in line for fuel.

Markets Currently Serviced  with DEF:

  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Birmingham
  • Ft. Lauderdale/Miami (coming soon)

Call LEUF to find out how we can help you with your DEF Today!
1.844.464.LEUF (5383)

Emergency Fueling Programs

Do you have Fuel Coverage in Case of an Emergency Situation?

Are your emergency plans and policies in place now?

  • If they are – when the time comes everyone knows what to do and where to go prior to  the event. If not, then chaos ensues and that is the last thing you want on top of everything else.
  • Do your drivers know what to do?
    • This should be communicated to every driver on Day 1.
    • What happens when they cannot get to their destination or back to the facility?
    • What support systems are in place? Fuel access, roadside assistance?
    • If you are stopping Operations – do they know what to do, where to station their  vehicles, what route to take, etc.? Have you communicated this to your vendors?
  • Receiving Priority Service from LEUF makes a big impact on how your business will be  impacted by the event and how quickly you can recover.


  • What you need is a “Storm Profile” prior to any type of event. Fuel becomes scarce long before  storms are near – are you prepared?
  • If you are in a storm prone area, decisions should be made well in advance of any natural  disaster. Having the right relationships in place makes the before, during and after much less  stressful.
  • All fuel companies concentrate on their current clients first and foremost during an emergency  event. Are you a LEUF client – do you have priority status? Now is the time to become a client and let us help you with your Storm Fuel Management.

1.844.464.LEUF (5383)